buildingSMART Data Dictionary

What is bSDD?

The buildingSMART Data Dictionary (bSDD) is an online service that hosts classifications, standards, dictionaries and their properties, allowed values, units and translations. The bSDD allows linking between all the content inside the database.

BIM modelers use the bSDD to have easy and efficient access to all kinds of standards to enrich their model. BIM Managers use the bSDD to check BIM data for validity. Advanced users use the contents from the bSDD to check compliance, automatically find manufactures products, extend IFC, create Information Delivery Specifications (IDS) and much more.

Besides national classification systems (Uniclass, Minnd, etc) and application specific standards (ETIM, UniversalTypes, IfcAirport, etc) project specific, National and company specific standards can be stored in bSDD as well. The internal structure can facilitate ISO 12006-3, ISO 23386 and Linked Data publications.

bSDD is a buildingSMART International service

The main entry to bSDD is the Application Programming Interface (API). A list of softwares providing access to the content will be published soon by  buildingSMART International.

Browse the content here, find technical information here, or contact us for information on how to host your data.