type description
IfdBase The Class IfdBase is the basic for all objects, and keeps the GUID.
IfdConcept The Class IfdConceptBase.
IfdConceptInRelationship The Class IfdConceptInRelationship.
IfdConceptTypeEnum The list of available concept types in bsDD. Any concept added to bsDD should fit in one and only one of types.
IfdContext The Class IfdContext.
IfdDescription The Class IfdDescription.
IfdDescriptionTypeEnum The Enum IfdDescriptionTypeEnum.
IfdIllustration The Class IfdIllustration.
IfdLanguage The Class IfdLanguage.
IfdLanguageRepresentationPreference The Class IfdLanguageRepresentationPreference.
IfdName The Class IfdName.
IfdNameTypeEnum The Enum IfdNameTypeEnum.
IfdOrganization The Class IfdOrganization.
IfdPSet The Class IfdPSet.
IfdPSetBase The Class IfdPSetBase.
IfdPSetProperty The Class IfdPSetProperty.
IfdPSetPropertyTypeBoundedValue The Class IfdPSetPropertyTypeBoundedValue.
IfdPSetPropertyTypeEnumeratedValue The Class IfdPSetPropertyTypeEnumeratedValue.
IfdPSetPropertyTypeInterface The Interface IfdPSetPropertyTypeInterface.
IfdPSetPropertyTypeListValue The Class IfdPSetPropertyTypeListValue.
IfdPSetPropertyTypeReferenceValue The Class IfdPSetPropertyTypeReferenceValue.
IfdPSetPropertyTypeSingleValue The Class IfdPSetPropertyTypeSingleValue.
IfdPSetPropertyTypeTableValue The Class IfdPSetPropertyTypeTableValue.
IfdProperty The Class IfdProperty.
IfdPropertyWithValues The Class IfdPropertyWithValues.
IfdRelationship The Class IfdConceptRelationship.
IfdRelationshipTypeEnum The Enum IfdRelationshipTypeEnum.
IfdRelationshipWithValues The Class IfdRelationshipWithValues.
IfdReport The Class IfdReport.
IfdReportItem The Class IfdReportItem.
IfdSandbox The Class IfdSandbox.
IfdSandboxConcept The Class IfdSandboxConcept.
IfdSandboxConceptInRelationship The Class IfdSandboxConceptInRelationship.
IfdSimpleConcept The Class IfdSimpleConcept.
IfdSimpleName The Class IfdSimpleName.
IfdSimpleProperty The Class IfdSimpleProperty.
IfdSimpleRelationship The Class IfdSimpleRelationship.
IfdSimpleValue The Class IfdSimpleValue.
IfdStatusEnum The list of statuses in bsDD.
IfdTag The Class IfdTag.
IfdUser The Class IfdUser.
IfdUserRoleTypeEnum The Enum IfdUserRoleTypeEnum.
IfdValueRoleEnum The Enum IfdValueRoleEnum.
IfdValueRolePair The Class IfdValueRolePair.